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I have a couple of Python projects which I imported into Aptana using "Import --> Existing Folder as New Project"

The import is successful, I can run and debug scripts inside Aptana. However, for some reason I cannot get PyDev's code analysis working.

All settings in Window -> Preferences -> PyDev -> Editor -> Code Analysis seem to be correct:

  • Do code analysis? is checked
  • pep8.py is set to run and report results as Warnings

I run it by right-clicking on a file and choosing "Run Code Analysis": enter image description here

The following window appears shortly, but then it closes and I see no results (i.e. nothing on the "Problems" view, no red underscore under parts of the code, etc.): enter image description here

Any idea what might be wrong? Or where I should look for to get more details on what's going on under the hood (log files, etc.)?

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Probably you did not set up the source folders properly (those are the folders that represent your PYTHONPATH for this project). See: http://pydev.org/manual_101_project_conf.html for details on how to configure that.

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