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I have a large list of text in c# that in want to use as an enum list. For example:

Zone Status Message
Zones Snapshot Message
Partition Status Message
Partitions Snapshot Message
Supported transition message flags
System Status Message
X-10 Message Received
Log Event Message
Keypad Message Received

Now I want to use the find and replace dialog in visual studio to add underscores in all the words instead of a space, for example


How can I achieve this using regex or wildcard? This would really save me a lot of time.

Thanks in advance.

The words can also have spaces and the front and back, due to a poorly formatted source document where I get the text from. So the underscore should only be added when the space is between 2 words.

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In VS 2010, to replace a space between alphanumeric characters you could use

Find What {:a} {:a}
Replace With \1_\2

Make sure Use Regular expressions is checked.

Replace All

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Thanks, this worked ! – Robby Smet Apr 12 '13 at 8:41

If you only want to match spaces between alphanumeric words, search for > < and replace all with _.

In VS regexes (until version 2010), > means "the position at the end of a word" and < means "the position at the start of a word".

In VS 2012 and up, that regex could be written as \b \b.

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I copy the words from another document, so they aren't really formatted properly. Doing this also adds underscores to the front and back of a word sometimes. – Robby Smet Apr 12 '13 at 8:16
@just8laze: Then you need to edit your question to reflect this. Your question doesn't warrant a regex yet. And without knowing all the specific constraints you're under, it's impossible to suggest a working regex. Don't oversimplify your problem, or you'll get answers that only work in simple cases... – Tim Pietzcker Apr 12 '13 at 8:18

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