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The website that I'm working on hashes login passwords with MD5.

A user's just forgotten his password so I'm on the database and I set the password to one of mine...

update users set pass = md5('thiS1smyp4s5w@rd')
where userid = 974

While the application uses MD5 hashing and I've set the password with Md5 hashing, I still can't log in with this user's details and I was wondering...

Are hashing algorithms the same across platforms or is there some difference between the way it's done in .NET as opposed to how it works in MySQL that would cause the hash values to differ?

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Check out the answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2435922 –  KacireeSoftware Apr 15 '13 at 6:58
And here is another very relevant post stackoverflow.com/questions/2249448 –  KacireeSoftware Apr 15 '13 at 7:07

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