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I am freshman of CakePHP... Is there any methods to call a model name on Controller's? Lets say i have 3 Model - User,Group,Widget.. and 3 Controller - UsersController, GroupsController, WidgetsController.. Actually i plan to write a plugin .. which set the <title> for both view file.

Something like .. i use plugin to set <title><?php echo $model_name; ?></title> And when i move to '/users/main' then the title would be <title>User</title>, when i move to '/widgets/main' then the title would be <title>Widget</title>.

Any Idea with this solution ? How to each Controller's can match with it's own Model_name?

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Try this

in your template:

<title><?php echo $title_for_layout?></title> 

Add this to your controller:

$this->pageTitle = $model_name; 
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Note that the 'automatic' $title_for_layout variable is marked deprecated in CakePHP 2.3. Afaik pageTitle is not used anywhere by CakePHP? It's best to manually set $title_for_layout Or another viewVar. – thaJeztah Apr 12 '13 at 12:20

To have the modelName automatically present in every view, add this code to your AppController;

public function beforeRender()

    // modelClass should be set automatically
    // to the 'default' model for the controller
    $this->set('model_name', $this->modelClass);

And inside your views:

<title><?php echo __($model_name); ?></title>
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