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I keep getting this warning:

warning: unable to bind to property 'image' on class 'XML' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)

Is there a way I can turn off this type of warning (but keep the others) as it is driving me crazy when I try to trace something else.


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Try adding -show-binding-warnings=false to the additional compiler arguments area. Here is a list of mxmlc compiler options.

Though occasionally helpful (as it makes easier to locate other warnings in a huge bunch of them), hiding these warnings is not always a good idea - sometime later you will find yourself wondering why the heck is that DataGrid not updated when I update it's dataProvier XMLList.

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Do you have any idea, why this might NOT work in FB 4.7 with Flex 4.10 ? – codingbuddha Aug 28 '13 at 14:01

Im not sure but you are probably looking for a compiler option to mxmlc. These can be set in flex builder for a particular project by right clicking a Project -> Properties -> Flex Compiler -> Additional compiler arguments.

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