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I have the following html code and i use beautiful soup to extract information. I want to get for example Relationship status: Relationship

<table class="box-content-list" cellspacing="0">
             <tr class="first">
                    Relationship status:
             <tr class="alt">
               With partner

I have created the following code:

xs = [x for x in soup.findAll('table', attrs = {'class':'box-content-list'})]       
    for x in xs:
        #print x
        sx = [s for s in x.findAll('tr',attrs={'class':'first'})]
        for s in sx:
            td_tabs = [td for td in s.findAll('td')]
            for td in td_tabs:
                title = td.findNext('strong')
                #print str(td)
                status = td.findNextSibling()
                print title.string
                print status

but the result i get is Relations status: and the print status is printing None. What i am doing wrong?

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Your xs list comprehension is a no-op; it is not needed. – Martijn Pieters Apr 12 '13 at 10:07
@JonClements Unfortunately 3... – evi Apr 12 '13 at 10:10

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There is a special method get_text (or getText in old BeautifulSoup versions) to get the content of intricated tags. With your example:

>>>' ', strip=True)
'Relationship status: Relationship'

The first parameter is the separator to use.

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First of all, there is no need for all the list comprehensions; yours do nothing but copy the results, you can safely do without them.

There is no next sibling in your column (there is only one <td> tag), so it returns None. You wanted to get the .next attribute from the title (the <strong> tag) instead:

for table in soup.findAll('table', attrs = {'class':'box-content-list'}):
    for row in table.findAll('tr',attrs={'class':'first'}):
        for col in row.findAll('td'):
            title = col.strong
            status = title.nextSibling
            print title.text.strip(), status.strip()

which prints:

Relationship status: Relationship

for your example.

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