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in my current android project i'm trying to calculate an activities elapsed time in the foreground. I've found few functions in this site.

Are these built in functions which just returns the time or should i have to define these methods in some other class? Someone please help.

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You can take time of your activity in foreground in a hack simple way without any libraries.... Just @Override OnPause() - where you get the current time, and then when application returns from foreground @Override OnResume() where you get the current time too... Then just calculate the difference!!)) You can save cur.times in sharedPrefs for example, and in OnDestroy() set them in null!!)

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I'm not calculating the elapsed time of my activity. For example, say twitter app is in the foreground. I need to find the elapsed time of this twitter app until i hits background. Please Help. –  madhu Apr 12 '13 at 10:23

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