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I want to develop chat with facebook by jaxl.v3. This is my code

    `$client->add_cb('on_chat_message', function($stanza) {

                 global $client;
                 // echo back incoming message stanza 
                 $stanza->to = $stanza->from;
                 $stanza->from = $client->full_jid->to_string();

This is my result that I print print_r($stanza) :

image of my PrtScn

What's I ask now:

  • if I want to get [text]=>hi value. how should I write? I am try my best a long time ago but I am still can't get value Hi from this array . pleases help me to solve it. Thanks I am looking to see your reply soon.
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Try this:

foreach($stanza->childrens as $child) {
   echo $child->text, '<br>';
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Thanks a lot @silkfire. It's work. You're intelligent that just see it a few times you can do it in correct one –  sk juli kaka Apr 12 '13 at 10:40
No problem. Please select the answer as the accepted one by clicking the tick mark. –  silkfire Apr 12 '13 at 11:32

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