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I am a beginner on Play and Lift frameworks and I have a question: Is there any Eclipse plugin for either Play framework and/or Lift framework enabling us to create a new Play/Lift project directly from Eclipse IDE (kind from Eclipse we can do File>New>Play Project (and/or Lift Project))?!

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I understand that it is preferable to load the project from inside Eclipse but are there any other reasons? Otherwise play eclipse works really well. You'll have to run the command only when something in Build.scala, build.properties or plugins.sbt changes. Not very often I guess. –  maba Apr 12 '13 at 11:17
Scala IDE plugin for Play 2.1 github.com/scala-ide/scala-ide-play2 –  Rajesh Apr 12 '13 at 11:18

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There is a "lifty" plugin (but it may be outdated) which can create parts of the project from SBT: http://lifty.github.io/Installing+The+Plugin.html

Anyway, the best way to create liftweb projects is, as I personally think, to start from https://github.com/lift/lift_25_sbt/ This is a small sample project created by some of Lift's commiters. It contains 2 simple pages and a basic setup. After that you can do:

./sbt eclipse with-sources=true to create an eclipse project

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