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I have a spring based project, a high level view would be one spring context class(say, MyContext.java) and a class (say, MyClassImpl.java) containing the main method. Now my package structure is as follows:-

top level package > employee


Now, inside MyClassImpl.java's main method I initialize MyContext using spring's AnnotationConfigApplicationContext. Inside the MyContext class I'm initializing the DAO objects and an object of MyClass. Every thing works fine, but when I generate the sonar report for this it shows some package tangle index. The report isn't wrong because what i'm doing is refrencing MyClass for object instantiation inside MyContext, and MyContext is refrenced for context initializtion inside the main method of MyClass. Please suggest on how I can improve my package structure.

Okay one edit, when i place my context class(MyContext.java) and service class (MyClass.java) in the same package, then sonar gives no violations. i.e Package tangle index = 0.

What I really want to know is what would be the best practice for package structuring here? As in where should I be placing the context class?

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Removing circular dependencies will certainly improve the code quality of your project, since they are considered an anti-pattern in general (related SO discussion). There are at least several options, that could be taken into account:

  1. Move your context initialization to MyContext.main(...).
  2. Create a Launcher.main(...) method for instantiating MyContext in a similar way.

In any case, if MyClassImpl is a business class (considering "service" package name), then it shouldn't be responsible for any Spring initialization at all (MyClassImpl.main(...) is probably a bad idea).

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absolutely, now what i have done is I have changed the previous main method to say methodA(). I have a separte class which contains the main method for context initialization and calls the methodA() of the service. Rest everything remains the same!. thanks –  pranky64 Apr 17 '13 at 5:56

You need to have some interfaces dealing with your initial classes. It seems that the reporting begins from the interface phase and down to line. start with one interface and implement it with your main and initial classes.
In a matter of fact using interfaces is a very good architecture approach.

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yes that is correct, infact i have a MyClassImpl.java also which actually does everything. But my question here is more to do with where should my context classes be –  pranky64 Apr 12 '13 at 10:55

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