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I am developing a form in extjs 4.0.7

I need to change the format of money like comma and dot as thousand separator and decimal fraction.

For that I need to insert only one symbol in a textfield, In ExtJS I tried this code:

    xtype       : 'textfield',
    type        : 'string',
    fieldLabel  : '1000s separator:',
    name        : 'amount_separator',
    id          : 'amount_separator',
    maxLength   : 1,
    size        : 1,

    anchor      : '30%'

but this not helps me to limit the insertion in a single symbol (',' OR '.')

How do i need to rearrange the properties of Code in the controller file.

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Did you try enforceMaxLength ? True to set the maxLength property on the underlying input field. Defaults to false

enforceMaxLength : true
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Thank you Rency , It works great . –  raam Apr 17 '13 at 4:24

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