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i'm using primefaces

whan the List of an p:dataTable is empty it shows

"No records found."

how can i translate it to an other language?

i found datatable uses

public java.lang.String getEmptyMessage() {
    return (java.lang.String) getStateHelper().eval(PropertyKeys.emptyMessage, "No records found.");

so i tried adding the key emptyMessage to my message-properties, but this didn't help

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You can just set the attribute in xhtml:

<p:dataTable emptyMessage="#{msg['your.resourcebundlekey']}">
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ok... but i have many tables, have i to add this on every single table? –  wutzebaer Apr 12 '13 at 14:27
I don't think there is a better approach than this. One approach that comes into my mind would be to wrap your datatable into a composite component and then set your default values there. but i rather won't do this, makes your code more complex. You could also write a custom DataTableRenderer, but this is even worse... –  fischermatte Apr 14 '13 at 12:40

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