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I'm trying to submit an open graph collection for FB approval. I've already got approval for the action. When I try to submit, I get this error message:

Insufficient Actions Published Please publish the associated action type Post with at least 8 unique objects before submitting this collection for review. These actions must be published with your Open Graph Test User.

The issue is, my action doesn't have 8 objects that are associated with it! I created 8 instances for my one object, but this doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else faced this situation?


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Figured this out. You don't need to have your action associate with multiple types of objects but need to have at least eight instances of that one object.

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To elaborate further, if you have an action that takes a single object of type "car," you can have eight different cars available in eight different html files: Chevrolet, Nissan, etc. Inside each file, the type will map to car. Then, you need to publish enough actions that you at least publish each of your eight cars once. But, in your app configuration on FB, you only need to list "car," a single object type. I hope that helps, Guillherme... –  BenjiFB May 4 '13 at 11:58

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