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I am trying to use scrollbar (not scrollviewer) in window store application and it seems there is a bug. It doesn't display at all. It occupies the space as per set width but nothing else is visible.

I have set viewport,small change large change maximum etc but nothing working.(code below)

       <ScrollBar  Orientation="Horizontal"   ViewportSize="500" SmallChange="10" LargeChange="20" Maximum="1000" Minimum="20" Height="20" Margin="130,5,433,5" >


I can not use scroll viewer ,so need specific help on scrollbar only.

Please help. its urgent.

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See this article:

In WinRT, How to use ScrollBar control as like in WPF

The recommendation is that you use ScrollViewer for Windows Store App. What is your specific need in wanting to use ScrollBar?

Also, the article discusses the behaviour of ScrollBar, which might explain your issue.

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