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In my layout I have two container right div and left div.


 #left {float:left;position:relative;width:300px;height:100%}
    #right {float:right;position:absolute;height:100%;margin-left:300px;}

I have set width for right div container using following jquery:

         var right_width = ($(window).width() - 300)

This works fine and both div fills whole screen without any horizontal scroll-bar.Vertical scroll-bar occurs for height of content inside right div more than 100% (screen-height). Due to this vertical scroll-bar right div width overflows the screen and horizontal scroll-bar occurs as right div width increases. How to overcome this ,as I think there is difference in view-port width with and without vertical scroll-bar.

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Actually, I have the similar problem in my project.

Generally, I didn't find out a way satisfy me. What I did is to reduce the width of right (or left) div to manually spare a room for the vertical scroll-bar.

It will solve part of the problem.

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Adding margin-right:17px is the temporary solution. But this is not the good practice. so better is to set another condition when $(#right).height() > $(window).height. – galexy Apr 12 '13 at 16:20

Check this answer, you will get the scrollbar width. With this value, you will be able to set the correct div position.

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