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I want to read from and write to the same EXCEL file (file.xls) using Ruby. I tried to use Roo gem which doesn't allow to write to the file. Now I am using Spreadsheet gem, but I can't update existing data in the same excel file.

Is it possible to read from and write to the same EXCEL file without change in macros using Ruby?

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Here's a similar post that received an answer: I want to edit a wellformatted excel file with ruby

Basically, you may want to check out win32ole:

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I was unable to make Roo read and write from the same file. This could be due to the fact that Roo creates a temporary file before it writes. Writing to a new file is cleaner, easier and supported. I have the data that I want to read from in my project under db/data/import, then I write to db/data/export and everything got way easier once I went with this approach.

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