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I use combination of an isotope and an infinite-scroll scripts to load more data when user reach bottom of my site:

var $ = jQuery,
$container = $('#content.grided .wrap #gridcontainer');
if ( $container.length > 0 ) {
        itemSelector : '.grid-item',
        masonry : {
            columnWidth : 240
        //enable infinity scroll
            navSelector  : '#posts_navi',    // selector for the paged navigation 
            nextSelector : '#posts_navi a.previous_posts',  // selector for the NEXT link (to page 2)
            itemSelector : '.grid-item',     // selector for all items you'll retrieve
            loading: {
                finishedMsg: 'No more pages to load.',
                img: 'http://i.imgur.com/qkKy8.gif'
            // call Isotope as a callback
            function( newElements ) {
              $container.isotope( 'appended', $( newElements ) ); 

After elements are added to dom, I would like to run a jQuery script only on those elements, to add some behavior:

$('#gridcontainer .grid-item').each(function(){
    var $this = $(this),
    $overlay = $this.find('span.overlay');


I know that I should do it in callback function of first script, where isotope append is used, but how should I do it correctly?

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