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Hi I am using a loop to get various pages.

The code:

while($stm->fetch()) {

            $mech->select( 'this', 'that' );
            $mech->tick( 'this' => undef );
            $mech->tick( 'this' => undef  );
            $mech->tick( 'this' => undef  );
            $mech->tick( 'this' => undef  );
            my $button = $mech->selector('input.button', single => 1);

The code above downloads the file after clicking the button. However it stops after the first iteration.

I have changed the configuration of Firefox to disable the download manager popup.

I received this error once:

MozRepl::RemoteObject::Object has no function addProgressListener at `$mech->get(**#TheURL**);`

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.


I have found that it gets stuck on the first download because WWW::Mechanize::Firefox is waiting for a response or postback which it does not get. A file is just downloaded.


This is the place where it stop. If i manually manipulate the page (ie. go back or go to the homepage or a new URL), it will continue on the loop. So it is waiting for a new page load.

How do i tell WWW::Mechanize::Firefox to not wait for a response or new page load?


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Did you try synchronize option for the click:

$mech->click( $csvbutton, { synchronize => 0 } );
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I have tried that now. It still hangs on the first link, waiting for a postback or new pageload. In the documentation it says: It is necessary to synchronize with the browser whenever a click performs an action that takes longer and fires an event on the browser object. When my button is clicked the only event that fires is the creation and download of an excel csv. – surfer190 Apr 15 '13 at 11:16
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Format of the line should be perfect of the form:

$mech->click({selector => ('input.button', single => 1), synchronize => 0});

You must use selector => or xpath =>


$mech->click({xpath/selector => 'name' ,synchonize => 0})

Then the click will not wait for a response for the webserver.

As stated at: cpan WWW::Mechanize::Firefox::Troubleshooting

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