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I am building a web app with mvc4 ... and I am pretty new to the subject.

My model is opening a connection to a database (not an sql db, no EF).

In the controller on Index() I create an instance of the model, which is then passed to the view (return View(model)) to display data ... all fine.

Index is called on every refresh of the page (F5 in IE). This means I create an instance of my model with every refresh. The model contains a call to "MyDB.CloseConnection()" in its destructor - but it is never called.

Questions: What is is the life time of controller and model? (I expected the destructor to get called once the page is fully displayed). I read various docs about the page life cycle, but didn't find a specfic hint on when the model or controller get disposed.

Is it generally a good idea to create a new instance of the model in the Controller.Index() method, or should I keep a reference in a 'global' (though user specific) 'space'? What would be such a 'space'?

Thanks for any hints, Thilo

(if the anser is "RTFM!" -> what is the recommended M? ;-)

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