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I'm using C# UI to control the Arduino board, and it works perfectly. I'm sending commands and values using a text protocol. But, I can't figure out how to receive multiple sensor values from Arduino to C#.

From C# to Arduino, I'm using a ASCII chart in the beginning and end of the string to determine where the values should be stored in Arduino. In Arduino:

void serial_Sensitivity_command(){
    if (Serial.available()){
        while (Serial.available() >= 0){
            if (inChar == SOFF){
                dex1 = 0;
                inData_sens[dex1] = '\0';
                started1 = true;
                ended1 = false;
                if (inChar == EOFF){
                    ended1 = true;
                    if (dex1 < 9){
                        inData_sens[dex1] = inChar;
                        inData_sens[dex1] = '\0';

                if (started1 && ended1){
                    sensitivity_gain = atoi(inData_sens);
                    started1 = false;
                    ended1 = false;
                    dex1 = 0;
                    inData_sens[dex1] = '\0';

I want to route eight different values to each textblock in C#. Is there a similar way to use in C# like I did in Arduino?

Or should I read string array and then use Substring?

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Just add an extra byte after SOFF that indicates the value number. – Hans Passant Apr 13 '13 at 15:36

I haven't tried the string protocol, but I have successfully used the serial port over USB.

In Arduino:

//Reading in
    unsigned char c;
    c =;
    if (c == EOFF)
        <process input>
        <buffer input>

//sending out
Serial.write(<End of stream marker);

Then in C#, you can use System.IO.Ports using the SerialPort to read the data and collect the data in the same format.

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