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I have a Login form with username & password fields, after submitting the form, My app is redirecting to the PHP response. Here I want to get the JSON response to get loaded into a store and the app shouldn't get redirected to PHP file which is returning JSON data.

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In php write

echo json_encode($array);

In ExtJs you need write method that will be do request to your php

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//Ext Js

    success: function(form, action){
            case 'ok'    : document.location = 'index.php'; break;
            case 'failed': 
    failure: function(form, action){
        login_info.setHTML('Communication error with the server'); 


if( $condition ){
    // login success    
    $response = array('success'=>true, 'status'=>'ok', 'msg'=>'');
    $response = array('success'=>true, 'status'=>'failed', 'msg'=>utf8_encode('User or password incorrect'));
echo json_encode($response);
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