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I am trying to work with Excel files under a *nix environment.

I have checked this behaviour in openpyxl but do we have any workaround to resolve this issue?

I have excel Sheet (xlsx or xls) which contains some chart/graph. I am able to successfully update data (openpyxl / xlwt) but the graphs are lost.

The same happens with Perl's with spreadsheet::parser.

I am open to a C++ solution if needs be.

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May I know reason for negative – Abhishek Goswami Apr 12 '13 at 13:02
For better assistance, please provide a short self-contained correct example of your code so that we can analyse the issue and try to help fix the problem (c.f. – Talvalin Apr 12 '13 at 13:11

As far as I know, you cannot open an Excel workbook for update using Excel::Writer::XLSX or Spreadsheet::WriteExcel. You also cannot copy workbook elements or properties wholesale from a workbook opened using Spreadsheet::XLSX or Spreadsheet::ParseExcel over to an instance of the writer modules.

You can do that using Win32::OLE, but that requires the program to run on Windows, and the system to have Excel installed. It is also only suitable for offline processing as you don't want a web server creating Excel instances (presumably).

Therefore, your program needs to re-create the chart while writing the Excel workbook. I find it far too complicated to use an existing workbook as a template to generate new workbooks ... there are simply too many things to remember to copy. Instead, I describe what needs to be done in a configuration file, and my scripts generate the spreadsheet based on that input.

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I do agree with you.I was trying to say if you Parser and try to save File you will also loose Graph.I hope I can not use Win32::OLE in linux Enviroment – Abhishek Goswami Apr 12 '13 at 15:15

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