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The error is actually an assertation. I can't post all the code it is too long, but this sub code make the same error and is "simplier". The error it must be somthing at the construction of the values of the Map, I dont knwo what. Access to the elemnts or insert provoke the error. The assertation is on the add function of the Map (Map is not std::map) at Map.hpp, exacly the error is on xtree class from VC++ and not on my class.

I have to say that the class Collection don't make errors, also the class Map or Map >. Only when you try to make Collection and Map work togather the things get nasty.

The error (map/set iterators incompatible) ocure here:

int main(){
     Factor2 f("prueab");
         Collection <int> i ;
          f.Add(i);// error insde here


template <class Key,class T>
 class Map{
     std::map<Key,T> _map;
    friend class Factor2;

      inline  Map<Key,T> & cpy(const Map<Key,T> &org,  Map<Key,T> &dest){

          for(std::map<Key,T>::const_iterator cit= org._map.cbegin(); cit != org._map.cend(); cit++)
              dest._map.insert(std::pair<Key,T>(cit->first, T(cit->second)));

          return dest;
     inline Map(){;};
     inline Map(const Map<Key,T> &org){
          cpy(org, *this);

    inline T &Add(Key keyWord, T  t){
            //insert the value

                    // error insde here on xtree class (VC++ class)
            _map.insert(std::pair<const Key, T>(keyWord, t ));
              //or here when coment the line above
        return  _map[keyWord];


file Factor.h

class Factor2:public Map<int, Collection <int> > {
    std::string _name;

    Factor2 & cpy( Factor2 &org, Factor2 &dest);
    Factor2(std::string name);
    Factor2(Factor2 & org);

     Collection <int> Add( Collection <int> & lmc);


file Factor.cpp

Factor2::Factor2():Map<int, Collection <int> >()
    _name = "nonValid";

Factor2::Factor2(std::string name):Map<int,  Collection <int> >()
    _name = name;

Factor2::Factor2(Factor2 & org): Map<int,  Collection <int> > (org)

    _name = org._name;


 Collection <int>  Factor2::Add( Collection <int> & lmc){
    // error insde here
    return (( Map<int,  Collection <int> > *)this)->Add(_map.size(),lmc);

the file Collection.h:

template <typename T> 
class Collection {
    std::map<std::string, T> _map;

    friend class Factor2;

    inline static Collection<T> & cpy(const Collection<T > &org, Collection<T > &dest){
        dest._map = org._map;
        return dest;

    inline Collection(){
    inline Collection(const Collection<T > &collection){
        cpy(collection, *this);
    inline ~Collection(){

    inline T &Add(std::string keyWord, T  t){

            //insert the value
            _map.insert(std::pair<std::string, T>(keyWord,  T(t)));

        return _map[keyWord];// return the value at keyword


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What is the error message? – Component 10 Apr 12 '13 at 13:06
is the title of the question – ender.an27 Apr 12 '13 at 13:08
What is Concept2? – qPCR4vir Apr 12 '13 at 13:18
Yes, I think this probably hinges largely on what Concept2 is. Check the constructor / copy constructor. Also does it contain or inherit from std::set? – Component 10 Apr 12 '13 at 13:29
Give us a single file that demonstrates the issue. – John Zwinck Apr 12 '13 at 13:33

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