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This is what the documentation of wicked pdf specifies:

render_to_string(:pdf => "pdf_file.pdf", :template => 'templates/pdf.html.erb', :layout => 'pdfs/layout_pdf'), 
:footer => {:content => render_to_string({:template => 'templates/pdf_footer.html.erb', :layout => 'pdfs/layout_pdf'})}

What i get is ActionView::MissingTemplate Even though i have pdf.html.erb in directory. I use a gen_pdf method in the application controller and an equivalent pdf.html.erb in the views/application folder. What am i missing.

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You can have something like this inside your mailer:

class ReportMailer < ActionMailer::Base

  default :from => DEFAULT_FROM

  def report_pdf(user, bookings)
    @bookings = booking
    @user = user
    mail(:subject => 'Overtime', :to => user.email) do |format|
      format.text # renders overtime_pdf.text.erb for body of email
      format.pdf do
        attachments['monthly_report.pdf'] = WickedPdf.new.pdf_from_string(
            render_to_string(:pdf => 'monthly_report', :template =>
                'hospital_bookings/index.pdf.erb', :layouts => 'pdf.html')

Hope this helps. Also if you want further help it would be ideal to post some of your code so that others can gain better understanding on what you have done and what your trying to achieve.

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