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I have statically defined user groups with statically defined access rights. And I want to be able to change the user group for given user from the front-end using some module.

Reason: users can register by themselves, and automatically go to group "registered". After some time they can be promoted and moved to group "member". But I don't want to do this from back-end, bcs e.g. promotion can be done by any another already member. So I need this in front-end.

I haven't found any mention about this in Google. Maybe this is just something obvious? Are there any module/plugin perfoming such task?

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The Joomla core components don't allow this. But you can search on if there is something that fits your needs. Maybe this one:

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You can select the usergroup you wish to assign the user to when creating a new user with the extension you mentioned, but I don't believe you can edit a current user. – Lodder Apr 12 '13 at 19:46

You could make a module with a button and have the button use JUserHelper::addUserToGroup.

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