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Basically I am setting a limit of hours a user can use. Now every time a button is press, whatever time that person accrued gets taken away from this total value.

However because a limit would be represented as say 156 hours, and the datetime representation of 5 minutes would be 00.05 the result would be 155.95, rather than 155.55 .

I work this out like so

 string date2 = TotalMonthlyHours.ToString("HH.mm");
                    double date = double.Parse(date2);                  
                    RunningTotal = date + RunningTotal;
                    Total = limit - RunningTotal;   

Any ideas?

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Taking five minutes away from a double containing the value 156 should neither result in 155.95 nor in 155.55. It should result in 155.9166666, because 5 minutes is 5 / 60 = 0.083333333 of one hour. Taking thirty minutes away should result in 155.50, because 30 minutes are 0.5 of one hour. –  Daniel Hilgarth Apr 12 '13 at 13:20
Why not try and use a TimeSpan instead of a double? –  Quintium Apr 12 '13 at 13:25

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I think you are trying to represent 5 minutes as 0.05. The way to do that is to first of all obtain the minutes as an integer. And then simply convert to double.

double floatmins = minutes/100.0;

And you convert in the other direction like this:

int minutes = (int) (floatmins*100.0);

However, I urge you not to go any further with this. You cannot expect to perform arithmetic on a quantity like that. What is the result of 2.20-1.50? You and I know it's 30 minutes, but the computer says 0.70 which is no use at all.

Store the hours using a true fractional representation. So 5 minutes is 5/60.0. Or store the total minutes in an integer. Or total seconds in an integer. Or a TimeSpan.

The key is that you can write your own helper routines to convert from a sane storage format to a value that is human readable. But you must store the raw data in a representation that will admit arithmetic operations.

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I suppose i'm struggling thinking how I can convert 156 to hours and minutes, and convert my double to hours and minutes, because Datetime seems to just revert back to 00.00 and timespans require datetimes to operate –  Rhys Drury Apr 12 '13 at 13:57
TimeSpan.FromHours(156). What makes you think you have to use date times with TimeSpan –  David Heffernan Apr 12 '13 at 14:03
Got it working, I'll accept your answer since what you told me about my logic being flawed steered me towards the answer –  Rhys Drury Apr 12 '13 at 14:09

I think I worked it out by doing something like this

                   string[] times = date.ToString().Split('.');

                    if (date != 0.0)
                        string minutesString = times[1];
                        string hoursString = times[0];
                        double minutes = Convert.ToDouble(minutesString);
                        double hours = Convert.ToDouble(hoursString);

                        // end of splitting
                        TimeSpan Limit = TimeSpan.FromHours(limit);

                        TimeSpan Hours = TimeSpan.FromHours((int)hours);
                        TimeSpan Minutes = TimeSpan.FromMinutes((int)minutes);

                        TimeSpan SubTotal = Hours + Minutes;

                        Time = Limit - SubTotal;

Edit: Glad you came up with the same as me,Just read your reply David, let's hope it works

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