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To sum things up: I want to upload file passed by user through a form with <p:fileUpload> using fileUploadController ManagedBean as its fileUploadListener to a certain path, then get this path along with filename and Store it somehow (the question is - how?) in the wydarzenieMB ManagedBean because I need filePath as a String in my addWydarzenie() method to store this path in a database and later use it.

I've got a table in my database named "Wydarzenie". It has many values like name etc. which I am specyfing in my JSF form for user to fill using primefaces. There is no problem with obtaining them, I just use ManagedBean to store input and later use this input to write into DataBase using addWydarzenie() method.

Part of utworzWydarzenie.xhtml form:

<h:outputLabel for="opis" value="Opis :" />
<p:inputTextarea id="opis" value="#{wydarzenieMB.opis}" label="opis">
<p:commandButton id="addWydarzenie" value="Zatwierdź" action="#{wydarzenieMB.addWydarzenie}" ajax="false"/>

My addWydarzenie() method in wydarzenieManagedBean:

public String addWydarzenie() {
    try {
        Wydarzenie wydarzenie = new Wydarzenie();
        return SUCCESS;
    } catch (DataAccessException e) {

    return ERROR;

There is no problem with values like that where I use p:inputText for example, because I specify value of bean (for example: value="#{wydarzenieMB.opis}") in which I want to store them. Problem begins with my <p:fileUpload> field because:
1. I am not specyfing value there because there is no value returned(?) - only file uploaded
2. I am using fileUploadController ManagedBean to handle file uploading BUT I want the filePath String of uploaded file that it possess to be stored in my wydarzenieMB ManagedBean.

Here's my uploading file code from utworzWydarzenie.xhtml form:

<h:outputLabel for="plakat" value="Plakat :" />
<p:fileUpload id="plakat" update="messages" fileUploadListener="#{fileUploadController.handleFileUpload}" multiple="false" sizeLimit="1000000" allowTypes="/(\.|\/)(gif|jpe?g|png)$/" />
<p:growl id="messages" showDetail="true"/>

And my fileUploadController class:

public class FileUploadController 
private String destination="E:/PROJEKT ZESPOLOWY/events/WebContent/resources/plakaty/";
private String sciezkaPliku = "";           // complete file path including destination and file name

public void handleFileUpload(FileUploadEvent event) throws IOException { 
    FacesMessage msg = new FacesMessage("Plik: ", event.getFile().getFileName() + " został poprawnie wysłany na serwer.");
    FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage(null, msg);

    String path = destination;

    SimpleDateFormat fmt = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMddHHmmss");
    String name = fmt.format(new Date())
            + event.getFile().getFileName().substring(
    File file = new File(path + name);

    sciezkaPliku += path + name;            // I set file path here

    InputStream is = event.getFile().getInputstream();
    OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(file);
    byte buf[] = new byte[1024];
    int len;
    while ((len = > 0)
        out.write(buf, 0, len);

public String getSciezkaPliku() {
    return sciezkaPliku;

public void setSciezkaPliku(String sciezkaPliku) {
    this.sciezkaPliku = sciezkaPliku;

It is declared as a ManagedBean because I've tried to access its sciezkaPliku variable which is filepath from wydarzenieMB like this:

private String plakat;

But it was always null. I also tried to get whole wydarzenieMB inside fileUploadController and use it's setter method:

public class FileUploadController 
    WydarzenieManagedBean w;

    public void handleFileUpload(FileUploadEvent event) throws IOException { 

        sciezkaPliku += path + name;            // I set file path here


But it was unsuccessful either. File is uploaded and saved in a specified folder without a problem, when I print sciezkaPliku from handleFileUpload it is ok, but when I am creating my new Wydarzenie using addWydarzenie() it is always null.

Any ideas?

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If I've understood your question clearly, I suggest you to change your scope to "@SessionScoped" in FileUploadController. I had a same problem and it was solved by this way.

check it out and inform me of the result ;)

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It worked like a charm, thank you very much! Never would have thought of that. – Celebes Apr 12 '13 at 15:59
you're welcome friend :) Good Luck – Majid Abarghooei Apr 12 '13 at 16:11

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