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I have a project in Qt Creator which has several shared library projects and the main project which also contains the main function. What I want is to add a new project which shouldn't be a shared library but just a project with some header files where I keep definitions and error codes. What I wish is to be able to add the path of this project to other projects INCLUDEPATH in order to use those files in other projects.

To do so I created an empty project which .pro file looks like this:


but when I build the whole project it complains that it doesn't find the main in this project with only one header.

Is it possible in QtCreator to achieve this?

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Create a .pri file which has your INCLUDEPATH, etc; and then refer to it in your other projects' .pro files:

# Common.pri
INCLUDEPATH += ../myPath
INCLUDE += myHeader.h

# OtherProject.pro
!include( ./Common.pri ) {
    error( Could not find the Common.pri file. )

INCLUDEPATH += ../myOtherPath

Remember to use the += operator in your .pro files otherwise they will overwrite the .pri file variables.

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