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I have a table GameCycle in a db that holds a column date of type number. The values in this column are 8-digit numbers representing an inverse date like '20130301'. Mapped onto this table i have a class GameCycle that holds a protected field iDate of type java.util.Date. That field is annotated '@Type(type = "inverseDate")', using a custom type mapping. The class Gamecycle is annotated with '@TypeDef(name = "inverseDate", typeClass = InverseDateType.class)'

import org.hibernate.annotations.Type;
import org.hibernate.annotations.TypeDef;

@TypeDef(name = "inverseDate", typeClass = InverseDateType.class)
@Table(name = "GAMECYCLE")
public class GameCycle implements Comparable<GameCycle>, Serializable
    @Type(type = "inverseDate")
    @Column(name = "GC_DATE", nullable = false)
    protected Date iDate = null;

Obviously, the imports bind me to using hibernate as a jpa implementation so my question is:

Is there a way to get rid of the hibernate annotations and do the same custom type mapping using a pure javax.persistence solution ?

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No. Current version of JPA specification doesn't support custom type mappings. It's one of the most wanted features for future JPA 2.1.

If you really want to get rid of Hibernate-specific annoations, the only thing you can do is to map your field as String and perform necessary conversion manually (in getters/setters).

But in practice almost every large JPA-based application uses some implementation-specific features of persistence provider, therefore I don't think that avoiding dependency on Hibernate in this case really matters.

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Too bad, i had suspected that the only solution besides being bound to an implementation would be some conversion in the getters/setters. Thank you for the quick answer though. –  tyler Apr 15 '13 at 7:05

Custom Type Mapping has been finally added in JPA 2.1 (JSR-388, part of Java EE 7).
The Hibernate's @Type annotation is no more needed, and can be replaced by Type Conversion in JPA 2.1.

JPA 2.1 has added :

The most basic example : (Example 1: Convert a basic attribute) - from source

public class BooleanToIntegerConverter 
    implements AttributeConverter<Boolean, Integer> 
{  ... }


@Table(name = "EMPLOYEE")
public class Employee

    private Long id;

    @Convert(converter = BooleanToIntegerConverter.class)
    private boolean fullTime;


Other links :

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