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I have to run a file.rb that make a micro-task (Insert a qwuery into a database) every second.

I have used a for loop (1..10^9) but I got a CPU usage exceed alert! So what's the best way to not waste all CPU?

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So your query insertion into db is leaking! –  devnull Apr 12 '13 at 14:32

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The simplest way to run forever is just to loop

loop do
  sleep 1

If it's important that you maintain a 1 Hz rate, note that the db insert takes some amount of time, so the one second sleep means each cycle takes dbtime+1 second and you will steadily fall behind. If the db interaction is reliably less then a second, you can modify the sleep to adjust for the next one second interval.

loop do
  sleep(Time.now.to_f.ceil - Time.now.to_f)
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Simple loop with sleep command should do the job.

while true
    # do stuff here
    sleep 1 # wait one second
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