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I'm trying to create empty tab and inject a script file into it.

var wm = Cc["@mozilla.org/appshell/window-mediator;1"].getService(Ci.nsIWindowMediator);
var browserEnumerator = wm.getEnumerator("navigator:browser");
var tabbrowser = browserEnumerator.getNext().gBrowser;
var newTab = tabbrowser.addTab("");

With pageMod i can attach file with

contentScriptFile: [data.url("jquery-1.9.1.min.js")],

How do i attach script for gBrowser created tab?

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I needed to do something similar to this except for existing tabs -- meaning you might have to tweak it a bit and listen to the "load" event for the contentWindow of the added tab:

setup attachWorker function:

let contentWorker=require("sdk/content/worker");

function attachWorker(contentWindow,options){    
    options.window = contentWindow;
    let worker = contentWorker.Worker(options);
    worker.once("detach", function detach() {
    return worker;

when a tab is available:

var browser=gBrowser.getBrowserForTab(tab);
var contentWindow=browser.contentWindow; 

when contentWindow is loaded -- listen for contentWindow 'load' (if applicable?):

var options={contentScriptFile:...};
attachWorker(contentWindow, options);

Documentation for content worker:

Code from attachWorker() is a slightly altered version of Worker() function from the sdk (available from within your jetpack addon package or mozilla addon-sdk repository):

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If you're using the Add-on SDK already, you can use the tabs module:

var tabs = require("sdk/tabs");

tabs.on('ready', function(tab) {
        'document.body.style.border = "5px solid red";'


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