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I am getting following error while running a workflow in informatica.

Session task instance [worklet.session] : [TM_6775 The master DTM process was unable to connect to the master service process to update the session status with the following message: error message [ERROR: The session run for [Session task instance [worklet.session]] and [ folder id = 206, workflow id = 16042, workflow run id = 65095209, worklet run id = 65095337, task instance id = 13272 ] is not yet registered with this service process.] and error code [1417].]

This error comes randomly for many other sessions, when they are ran through workflow as a whole. However if I "start task" that failed task next time, it runs successfully.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Just an idea to try if you use versioning. Check that everthing is checked in correctly. If the mapping, worflow or worklet is checked out then you and informatica will run different versions wich may cause the behaivour to differ when you start it manually. Infromatica will allways use the checked in version and you will allways use the checked out version.

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