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I'm working on a project that is implementing functions in assembly and calling them in C. Doing this requires working with EBP and ESP. [EBP + 8] is pointing to the beginning of a string that I want to reverse in my assembly function. I was going to do this:

cmp     esi, edi
jge     reversed
mov     al, [esi]
mov     bl, [edi]
mov     [esi], bl
mov     [edi], al
inc     esi
dec     edi
jmp     reverse_string

I can find the end of the null terminated string just fine if I can use esi and edi pointers. Do I need to use a different way? Does everything have to be index offsets?

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As esi and edi are used as pointers, jge should be replaced with jae. For example if esi is 0x7fffffff and edi is 0x80000000, the string will not be flipped, because signed number 0x7fffffff is greater than signed number 0x80000000. Pointer values should always be treated as unsigned numbers (unless you are doing some special tweaks). –  nrz Apr 12 '13 at 15:54

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If [EBP + 8] holds the string pointer you could just move it to ESI and proceed from there.

mov esi,[ebp+8]
mov edi,esi
mov al,0
mov ecx,-1
repne scasb   ; find the NULL terminator
dec edi
.... your original code follows
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Ok well Due to other problems that I had when trying it this way, I thought this wasn't right, but yes –  b15 Apr 12 '13 at 16:54

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