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I have a custom tooltip style which works great, but, on some occassions I want to be able to hide the arrow (the Path section) or position the tooltip differently. How can I achieve that and how would I set it in practice? 99% of the time Tooltips are set via XAML & Bindings but occasionally they are set using code and the ToolTipService

<Style x:Key="{x:Type ToolTip}"
  <Setter Property="OverridesDefaultStyle"
          Value="true" />
  <Setter Property="HasDropShadow"
          Value="True" />
  <Setter Property="Template">
      <ControlTemplate TargetType="ToolTip">
          <Border CornerRadius="3"
              <TextBlock FontFamily="Arial"
                         Text="{TemplateBinding Content}"
                         Foreground="#f0f0f0" />
          <Path Margin="10,0,0,0"
                Data="M 0 0 L 6 6 L 12 0 Z" />

  <Setter Property="Placement"
          Value="Top" />
  <Setter Property="HorizontalOffset"
          Value="-8" />
  <Setter Property="VerticalOffset"
          Value="0" />
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You may be able to put these controls on.

<Path Margin="10,-0.5,0,0" Fill="#e5323232" Data="M 0 0 L 6 6 L 12 0 Z"/>
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I want to show tool tip at dynamic position so I found following solutions. Firstly i have added one user control "SimplePopupContent " as

public partial class SimplePopupContent : UserControl
        public SimplePopupContent(string value)
            textBlockPopUp.Text = value;

        private void LayoutRoot_MouseLeave(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            this.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;

I want to show tool tip for textblock.

TextBlock t = new TextBlock();
Popup simplePopup = new Popup();

And I have written code on mouse enter event of textblock as

t.MouseEnter += (s, args) =>
                                this.simplePopup.Child = new SimplePopupContent("Hi");
                             this.simplePopup.Margin = new Thickness(XOffset ,70, 0,0);
                              this.simplePopup.Width = 30;
                                this.simplePopup.Child.MouseLeave += new MouseEventHandler(Child_MouseLeave);
                                this.simplePopup.IsOpen = true;


public void Child_MouseLeave(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
           this.simplePopup.IsOpen = false;


Hope this will help you.

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