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I am running a Heroku app under multiple environments as described here. I am able to run under my original single environment fine, but when I push to one of the others and run heroku run rake db:migrate --remote REMOTE_NAME I get an error of the form Error: Operation timed out - connect(2) (Errno::ETIMEDOUT).

The heroku logs output for this instance is as follows:

heroku[api]: Starting process with command `rake db:migrate`
heroku[run.9488]: Awaiting client
heroku[run.9488]: Starting process with command `rake db:migrate`
heroku[run.9488]: Error R99 (Platform error) -> Failed to launch the dyno within 10 seconds
heroku[run.9488]: Stopping process with SIGKILL
heroku[run.9488]: Error R13 (Attach error) -> Failed to attach to process
heroku[run.9488]: Process exited with status 128
heroku[run.9488]: State changed from starting to complete

What is the correct process for migrating a database when working with multiple deployment environments?

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R99 Platform errors are not application errors. If you're experiencing this right now I would open a support ticket at help.heroku.com –  catsby Apr 12 '13 at 16:43

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