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I need a regular expression for finding class declarations so I can add a #define before the "class" keyword. The regular expression doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough that it catches most of the cases.

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Should the regex match the entire (probably multi-line) declaration, or just the class keyword? The latter is easy to get mostly right; for the former, a regex is probably the wrong tool. –  Jim Lewis Oct 20 '09 at 22:29

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This should work for most class definitions, including template classes. The class name is captured in $1 and if it is a derived class, the base will be in $2.

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How about:


That should work reasonably well. I'm not quite sure.

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This will capture the class name as $1 (or the equivalent in whatever regex framework you're using). This will not work for template classes that may have spaces inside the <> that follows the class name. Parsing that is something not doable with a regular expression, since it requires matching balanced pairs of angle brackets.

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Yannick's answer mostly covers it but it unfortunately also matches forward declarations (and subsequent text below them) and strict enums i.e. enum class myStrictEnum { // stuff };

This works well and is strict enough, but is arguably more verbose than it need be.

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