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I have an Application which binds to a Service using #startService. The Service is a remote service, defined using AIDL.

I want to write a Robotium 4.x Test which binds to a "Mock" Service which delivers some Test data so that I can control which data gets delivered by the Service. I do not understand enough to setup such a scenario.

My first attempt was to invoke some Method on the Activity wich gets launched by my ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 and simple pass in a ServiceConnection and manually call #onServiceConnected to simulate the callback from the System.

 activity.setConnection(new FakeServiceConnection());

This always results in an

 Instrumentation run failed due to 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException'

as it seem the ServiceConnection will be already seen by the Android Runtime in some way.

I read about RenamingDelegateContext and IsolatedContext, but i dont know how to control or set the creation on the Service when the runtime #startService gets called.

Documentation says that I may have to override corresponding Methods like this.

public class ServiceRenamingContext extends RenamingDelegatingContext {

    public ComponentName startService(Intent service) {
        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("I got called!!!!");
        // return super.startService(service);

    public boolean stopService(Intent name) {
        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("I got called!!!!");
        // return super.stopService(name);

    public ServiceRenamingContext(Context context, String filePrefix) {
        super(context, filePrefix);


    public boolean bindService(Intent service, ServiceConnection conn, int flags) {

        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("I got called!!!!");

        // return super.bindService(service, conn, flags);

As you see this just throws some kind of exception to see that it gets called by the runtime. But nothing happens.

Any hint how to setup this is much appreciated.

I think I didn't understand how to setup a special context like mine using the ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2.


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