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I am writing a C++ DirectX application without XAML for Windows Phone 8. I handled the back key because I want to close the app on manual, but I find no API for cpp.

C# has official API System.Windows.Application.Current.Terminate(), but cpp has no namespace System::Windows::Application.

I've search a lot but I can only find the C# method. I've tried Windows::UI::Core::CoreWindow::GetForCurrentThread()->Close();
It can close app, but it causes a Platform::COMException, and it can't be resolved by try-catch.

////////////////////update 1/////////////

well i find

int b = 0.1*10 - 1;
int a = 1/ b;

app will exit too. so Windows::UI::Core::CoreWindow::GetForCurrentThread()->Close(); is not a way for close. maybe it is just a crash.

////////////////////update 2/////////////

I find a API


but doc says that

"Shuts down the app. Do not use this method to shut down an app outside of testing or debugging scenarios."

so I think it will not pass the test.

////////////////////update 3/////////////

if use Windows::ApplicationModel::Core::CoreApplication::Exit(); to close app. and then if i click the icon to restart the app. it will cost a very very very long time to start. may be Windows::ApplicationModel::Core::CoreApplication::Exit() close some system service. but if use exception to close app it will not cost a long time to start.

////////////////////update 4/////////////

if use Windows::ApplicationModel::Core::CoreApplication::Exit(); in simulator it can not restart app by click icon again

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you can't. why do you want your app to terminate? – Daniel A. White Apr 12 '13 at 16:56
when user press back key, I popup a dialog to make sure. – user2275219 Apr 13 '13 at 3:42
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All you need to do to exit the app is break out of the CoreApplication::Run while() loop.

For instance for the default template cube DirectX sample app, all you need to do is set m_windowClosed member variable to true.

So if you want the app to end if you tap the screen, do...

void PhoneDirect3DApp1::OnPointerPressed(CoreWindow^ sender, PointerEventArgs^ args)
    m_windowClosed = true;

However as the comments say you must take care to handle the back button appropriately or else you'll fail cert.

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it is useful.thanks very very much. I search in MSDN for lots of time to terminate app, but forget to read the code carefully. very very thanks. – user2275219 Apr 13 '13 at 15:19

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