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Trying to get set up with Vagrant but getting the error:

The "VBoxManage" command or one of its dependencies could not be found. 
Please verify VirtualBox is properly installed. You can verify everything 
is okay by running "VBoxManage --version" and verifying that the VirtualBox 
version is outputted.

Just confused because the Vagrant documentation states:

"The getting started guide will use Vagrant with VirtualBox, since it is free, available on every major platform, and built-in to Vagrant."

Don't want to install VirtualBox separately if its supposed to be included when I installed Vagrant. Running OSX 10.8 if it's relevant, guessing I just need to install VirtualBox? If that's the case, what do they mean in the documentation when they say it's "built-in"?

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Installing VirtualBox is required if you plan on using VirtualBox with Vagrant. I'm guessing they meant that the VirtualBox integration is built-in?

Recently, they've abstracted out the VirtualBox specific code and are working on allowing for multiple providers. I believe VMWare is now supported in addition to VirtualBox.

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