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Suppose I've got a giant command

echo "start string `complexcommand -with -many args | cut -d ' ' -moreargs | sed 's/you/get/g' | grep -v "the idea" | xargs echo` ending string" | program | less -S 

It produces output of several hundred lines of many thousand characters in length.

less handles scrolling vertically quite well, as that's what it is used for most of the time, but scrolling left and right is very CPU taxing according to top and I am not aware of any "page-left" or "page-right" style commands to go faster.

So I'm hoping that something like zsh's built-in pager could handle this task faster, but I'm having trouble figuring out the command to use it. It takes a file input. Is there a way to make a oneliner use the pager rather than having to dump it to a file first?

Or if anybody has suggestions for better editors. I might try using vim next.

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If you want to invoke zsh's pager, use some-complex-pipeline | zsh -c '< /dev/fd/0'. The /dev/fd/0 file is a device that represents the current process's standard input stream.

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oh okay. I hadn't tried that approach. thanks. Will accept when I get around to testing this on my humongous input –  Steven Lu Apr 13 '13 at 21:31
I wish I wrote down what that "humongous input" was. Oh past me is so mysterious -- edit: Oh! It was printing SQL table dumps :D I was all, when the hell has less let me down? - Oh hey thats right, when I tried to feed it that so that I could filter some regexps on it -- now i guess if less or zsh (or bash!) couldn't handle it, surely Vim 7.4.BETA14 could. –  Steven Lu Jul 16 '13 at 0:16

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