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I developed a new iPad calculator and am working on an update for it that has a settings option where you can change the app's skin. Currently, I am using different UIViewControllers for that, but it is not the best solution.

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To build on @MJN's answer, once you have selected a skin/theme class, you can easily apply it across your app using UIAppearance, which lets you set styles for all instances of common UIKit classes like UIButton, UIBarButtonItem, UINavigationBar, etc.

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You can make an AppSkinProtocol that has methods like the following

- (NSString*)skinIdentifier;
- (UIColor*)highlightedButtonColor;
- (UIImage*)successfulDownloadAlertBackground;

Then make subclasses of NSObject that conform to your AppSkinProtocol.

You can then make a AppSkinManager to save the selected skin to NSUserDefaults. When the app launches load the skin with the identifier matching the string saved to defaults.

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Thank you very much is working for me ;) – Artem Waitforit Lippoth Apr 13 '13 at 13:30

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