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Do objects added to the SqlException.Data collection need to be [Serializable]?

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Yes, they need to be. It's because ISerializable's implementation in Exception type add Data property into StreamingContext. And all objects in Data property (which is a IDictionary) must be serializable. Having exception classes and instances serializable is good practice even if aren't going to build distributed app.

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Well, strictly speaking, no... you can add any type to an Exception's Data dictionary... but why would you ask? What boundary do you think they are going to be serialized across?

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If the exception is going to be propagated across appdomain boundaries, the exceptions and the data they contain need to be serializable.

One such scenario would be a client-server application communicating over remoting. If the server throws an exception and it needs to be handled at client side, framework will have to serialize/deserialize it.

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