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I have the following function that populates HTML textfields depending on the users selection. Since the number of references can be 1 to many I pass in the id of the reference they are updating.

I get the error on the line:

var IndexOfReferenceSelect = ReferenceSelect.selectedIndex;

that ReferenceSelect is null. How do I set ReferenceSelect in Firefox? I thought using getElementById would work. It does in IE but not Firefox.

function SelectReference(ReferenceNum){
    var i;
    var ReferenceSelect = document.getElementById("Reference_" + ReferenceNum);

    var Author      = document.getElementById("Author_Last_Name_" + ReferenceNum);
    var Title       = document.getElementById("Title_" + ReferenceNum);
    var Edition     = document.getElementById("Edition_" + ReferenceNum);
    var Publisher   = document.getElementById("Publisher_" + ReferenceNum);
    var Year1       = document.getElementById("Year_" + ReferenceNum);
    var Pages       = document.getElementById("Pages_" + ReferenceNum);

    var ReferenceList = new Array(<%=strBigListOfOptionTagGroups%>);

    var IndexOfReferenceSelect = ReferenceSelect.selectedIndex;

    var IndexOfReferences = ReferenceList[IndexOfReferenceSelect].split("|");

    Author.value    = IndexOfReferences[0];
    Title.value     = IndexOfReferences[1];
    Edition.value   = IndexOfReferences[2];
    Publisher.value = IndexOfReferences[3];
    Year1.value     = IndexOfReferences[4];
    if (IndexOfReferenceSelect == 0){
        Pages.value = '';
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Are you sure that ReferenceNum is being passed correctly when calling SelectReference, because document.getElementById works in all browsers. – AlumCloud.Com Apr 12 '13 at 18:54
This is the HTML that passes ReferenceNum: <select name="Reference_1" id="Reference_1" onchange="javascript:SelectReference('1')" > – user2275659 Apr 12 '13 at 18:58

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Using document.getElementById is exactly the way to do. So the problem could be that the DOM is not properly loaded yet when you're tring to access to the element; or the ReferenceNum is not properly se; or that you set name attribute instead of id: in that case IE has a bug that doesn't makes differences between name or id, and it will returns the element, where the browsers that are following the standards will returns null.

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