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I have the need to have an option to enabled deep debug logging using log4net. I am familiar with how classic ASP.Net handles threads, but I wondered how threads work with ServiceStack. The goal would be to use %Thread to group requests together in the log. I think the only problem is that there is likely a thread pool and the %thread id will be reused on subsequent requests.

Really what I am looking for is a single unique id I can expose to log4net so I can group the entire logging of a single request together when building a report.

Can anyone lend some guidance?

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See this page on concurrency in ServiceStack, i.e. ServiceStack when hosted in ASP.NET doesn't create any new threads itself, requests are simply handled on the same IIS/Nginx/etc ASP.NET HTTP WebWorker that handles the request. Ultimately control of the Thread Pool and thread instances is up to the underlying ASP.NET but its common for them to re-use the same threads to handle different requests.

Use IHttpRequest.Items whenever you want to share any data throughout the lifetime of a single request, e.g. you could simply assign a Guid at the start of the request using a PreRequestFilters with:

this.PreRequestFilters.Add((req, res) => req.Items["ReqId"] => Guid.NewGuid());

Which lasts the entire lifetime of the request and the same instance of IHttpRequest is available in all filters, services, views, etc.

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