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Here's the piece of code I am seeing

 1 session s=null; 
 2 try{
 3    s= SessionCreator.createSession();
 4    System.out.println("Session Created");
 5    s.validate(); 
 6 }catch (Exception e){
 7    e.printStackTrace(); 
 8 }finally{
 9    s.close();
10 }

Debugger jumps from line 3 to line 9, How is this possible ? Neither 4,5 nor 7 was executed. This puzzles me. line 3 is a vendor code, So I don't know what is happening. Any clues ?

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Are you sure line 4 wasn't executed? –  Lone nebula Apr 12 '13 at 19:14
Are you sure that the class file is really synchronized with this source? –  Aubin Apr 12 '13 at 19:16

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Try using catch (Throwable $e) instance of Exception. An Error might be thrown and an error is not subclass of "Exception" but extends "Throwable".

Here is an example: http://ideone.com/Zs7HGw

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Read up here.


Any code put in the try block has the potential to fail. If it does fail (probably on line 2 or 4), it should break out of the try block and into the catch block. The finally block will be executed either way.

Your description sounds correct if line 2 is failing, except that line 6 should be getting executed. If line 6 is not getting executed, then your entire try block is succeeding. What is the exact output?

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If neither line 4 nor line 7 get executed, maybe (and I stress the "maybe" because I don't know the Java exception mechanism very in-depth) line 3 is not throwing an Exception object, but an Error or a Throwable.

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I know this problem only from remote debugging sessions where the underlying code server side does not correspond with the code we see locally. As the debugger only communicates the lines and not the code itself, it can lead to impossible jumps.

Do you debug remotely? Even if not, can you build the whole project again?

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