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I have the following code, but how do i set it so that the link has an id tag of *"title_header"* like this

<a href="/movies?sort=title" id="title_header">Movie Title</a>
%th{:class => @title_header}= link_to 'Movie Title', :sort => "title"

I tried this but it didnt work

%th{:class => @title_header}= link_to 'Movie Title', :sort => "title", :id => "title_header"

It gives me this

<a href="/movies?id=title_header&amp;sort=title">Movie Title</a>
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That's not a "HAML link", that's a Rails method. link_to is not HAML. And nowhere to you tell link_to_ what the URL of your link is supposed to be. How is it supposed to guess you want to link to "/movies"? –  meagar Apr 12 '13 at 19:41
Well it creates a link to /movies?sort=title, its already in /movies. how can i create a link containing an id? –  Pierre Apr 12 '13 at 19:57

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Why not use hash (#) to set Id?

%th{:class => @title_header}
%a#title_header{:href => "/movies?sort=title"} Movie Title
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You were close with your second example:

  %th{:class => @title_header}= link_to 'Movie Title', :sort => "title",
      :id => "title_header"

Should be:

  %th{:class => @title_header}= link_to "Movie Title",
      movies_path({:sort => 'title'}), {:id => 'title_header'}

Don't use a literal when specifying URLs (as shown in the answer you accepted); you're simply creating work for yourself when the app changes later.

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