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How can I make an activity diagram from this use case I made?


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You could use something like Microsoft Visio or OmniGraffle for OSX.

If you want something quick-and-dirty you might want to try yuml.me. You can generate UML diagrams using really simple syntax.

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I have Microsoft Visio, I'm needing help starting such as what the swimlanes would be. –  Michael Apr 12 '13 at 19:45

First of all, you didn't "make a use case". You made a use case diagram, with several use cases. Each one should have its activity diagram, so you won't "make an activity diagram", but several. Each use case should have an activity diagram describing what are the steps of the functionality.

As for swimlanes, since you mentioned them, a typical way to use them is to have one swimlane for the primary actor linked to the use case (the "user" of the use case), one for the system itself, and sometimes one for other third parties involved in the process (secondary actors). You will be able to allocate the steps in the correct swimlane depending on who does what.

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