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I have the following ksh script to run:

eval set -A array $temp

The variable temp contains the output from the command, with output as space separated strings.

But on some occasions, I would come across the following error:

 array: 0403-046 The specified subscript cannot be greater than 4095.

In this case, is there a way to set the array to the first 4096 space-separated strings in temp?

Another alternative is to limit the output from <some_command> (output to stdout) to no more than 4096 lines (one string each line). Could this be done with ksh?

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You can of course use a newer version of ksh93 - with a larger limit on array sizes. If that is not an option, try the following:

# some_command <n> produces <n> lines of text:
$ function some_command {
     echo a{1..$1} | tr ' ' $'\n'
$ some_command 5

This is your answer:

$ set -A array $(
     some_command 4100 | head -4096
$ echo ${#array[@]}
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