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I have been trying to install lablgtk2 on my wodi32 cygwin since the package environment did not initially come with lablgtk (just lablgtk).

I followed these directions to do it manually myself:

2) Install lablgtk2 binaries and scripts inside the OCaml distribution
     bin/*                   -> bin
     lib/site-lib/lablgtk2   -> lib/site-lib/lablgtk2
   Then edit lib/ld.conf, and add the line

3) If your distribution is newer than 4.00.0, go to the
   lib/site-lib/lablgtk2 directory and execute

        ocaml build.ml

But it doesn't seem to be working right. Is there a Wodi method of doing this?

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In the root folder of your cygwin-installation is a link called "Wodi32 Package Manager.lnk". Click on it (from Windows Explorer) to start the GUI for package installation. Or run /opt/wodi32/gui/bin/gui.exe from inside cygwin (btw: the gui was written with the package you are looking for :) )

The package ist called (godi-)lablgtk2. ( lablgtk3 isn't published yet, and lablgtk1 is obselete). godi-lablgtk2 supports nearly all bindings, including gnomecanvas, gktspell, gtksourceview2, etc.

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haha yeah I noticed that, the gui itself was written using lablgtk2 yet lablgtk2 itself wasn't included in the initial wodi package... –  9codeMan9 Apr 13 '13 at 14:38
Rafix, please see the following follow-up post: stackoverflow.com/questions/16266275/…. If you could provide any insight that would be much appreciated, as there is still a problem with the linking of the appropriate lablgtk2 modules even the Package Manager succesffully. –  9codeMan9 Apr 28 '13 at 18:52

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