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I'm working with RestKit and trying to do unit tests per the Unit Testing Guide on their Github wiki.

When I try to create an instance of RKMappingTest, its like it only has the NSObject methods on it. it doesn't have the testWithMapping: method or any others that come up in the autocomplete and if I type it myself there is an error. Also, respondsToSelector: returns NO for the testWithMapping method.

So, since the class is available I'm sure the header is there but I can't figure out why the methods are not there. The textFixture stuff works fine as well. I've restarted XCode but can't seem to find out what is going on here. Help.

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I've updated the Wiki page. There was an error with the message call it should be:

+ testForMapping:sourceObject:destinationObject:

instead of

+ testForMapping:withSourceObject:destinationObject:
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